GPK Logistech is India’s Tech Enabled Supply Chain Platform

GPK Logistech facilitate storage spaces, warehouses and logistics infrastructure along with various options of service providers across the country. Our AI enables to shortlist the best suited match.

Cost Savings

Tech based supply chain solutions all on single platform

All services under one roof with 80+ filter options to choose the apt warehouse, search vendors, and many more facilities.

Ease of Business

Automated warehouse management
Precise data analytic solutions to forecast transport to warehouse time and cost savings.

Time Management

Smooth documentation & formalities
A simple search on words like storage or warehouse, our AI coding will catch, identify, and get details of prospective clients.

Inventory Optimization

Powerful Supply Chain Module
Logistics preparedness for contingency planning identifying nearest police station, fire brigade, and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a positive, reliable experience to each and every one of our clients while offering exceptional value in the marketplace and setting the standard for professionalism in the logistic solutions we provide.

Our Vision

To be the largest source identifying company for any Logistics needs and serving our customers with endless appreciation.

About Us

Who we are

GPK Logistech is a logistics facilitator. It is building a web & AI-based marketplace for all logistics needs. For the ease of doing business as a first of its kind in India the platform will facilitate its customers in choosing most suitable warehouses, infrastructural requirements and various vendors to have a robust Supply Chain module.

Our AI technology offers a wide range of capabilities to logistics companies from autonomous machines to predictive analytics. 

Logistics requires significant planning that requires coordinating suppliers, customers and different units within the company. Our solutions can facilitate planning activities as they are good at dealing with scenario analysis and numerical analytics, both of which are crucial for planning.

Every business unit has back office tasks and logistics is no different. For example, there are numerous logistics related forms like bill of lading from which structured data needs to be manually extracted. Most businesses do this manually but our in-house software facilitates this stream of operations.

Our purpose of AI implementations in the logistics industry is to automate time-consuming actions and save money. 


Store Mart

India's No. 1 storage property portal

Store Quote

The service for request for quotation

Store Management

A cloud based inventory system

Store Space

A platform to exhibit open spaces

Vendor Mart

E-commerce services

Store to Mart

Excess space optimization

Store Area Calculator

Accurate space measurement tool

BTS Mart

Build-to-suit investment opportunity

Store Liaison

Facilitate communication for supply chain


Store Mart India’s No. 1 storage property portal, deals with every aspect of the consumers’ needs in the warehousing industry. It is an online forum where buyers, sellers and lessee/ leaser can exchange information about commercial properties quickly, effectively and inexpensively. The flexibility of tenure of renting helps planning execution easier.

We facilitate vendors, service providers and infrastructural requirements for creating a value chain for the products.

We also offer innovative solutions that can help plan business strategies, improve customer service, accelerate order cycle times and tighten control of the supply chain; all while reducing costs in transportation, inventory and order fulfillment with cost-efficient options for fulfillment, distribution and warehousing challenge.

Store Quote the service for request for quotation, a business process in which a company or public entity requests a quote from a supplier for the purchase of specific products or services which is exhibited location specific to get the best quotes and local vendors can participate getting the most competitive rates and best SLA.

We manage logistics service RFQs to support your sourcing requirements along with tenders. Our expertise is considerable and underpinned by our use of a leading-edge tender management techniques that run different scenarios and optimizations.

Store Management System is a cloud-based inventory management system where you can not only know your inventory on the go but also create invoices and dispatch notes from the app services.

Store Space is an unique platform for the third party logistics players to exhibit their empty spaces at the various warehouses which can be bargained in respect to tenure and cost.

Vendor Mart is an e-commerce platform that provides B2B and customer to customer sales services via its web portal / app to get multiple choices and local vendors for various infrastructure and services required for Supply Chain.

Vendor management can become extremely complex when many vendors are involved, as each will have their own pay rates, contract terms, and methods of communication. We at GPK Logistech simplify and connect your warehousing needs from end to end.

Store to Mart is for those who have extra space which can be converted into storage spaces and rented to retailers for an additional income.

Store Area Calculator one of its kind area calculation tool for the ones who want to know the storage space required for today and tomorrow so that there is no shortage of warehouse space or no leakage of revenue due to excess storage space rented.

BTS Mart helps where a property owner or developer agree to build a building for sale or lease to the specifications of a prospective tenant, who signs a lease agreement to occupy the property once it is complete.

Store Liaison is where the builders and land bank owners can meet and have tie ups for construction of warehouses/ industrial plots.

Kind of Storage Spaces Available

Bonded warehousing
Warehousing tanks
Agri Warehouses
Cold Storage warehouse
Central Warehousing Corporation
CFS Car yards
Factory sites
Non Bounded Warehousing
Cross Doc Operation
Steel Yards
Porta Cabin warehouses
Temperature Ambient warehouse
Agri Silos
State Warehousing Corporation

News Feeds

The Warehousing Market in India 2020; Expected to be Worth INR 2,821 Billion by 2024 –

The warehousing market in India was valued at INR 1,501.2 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach INR 2,821.1 billion by 2024, expanding at a CAGR of ~13.57% during the 2020-2024 period.

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VRUND Magazine

Our monthly publication features real-world insights, strategies, and ideas from industry leaders and experts providing latest news on domestic and international supply chain operations, as well as articles with timely information on such pertinent aspects as warehousing, logistics, procurement, financing, and more…

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volume 2

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